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Yoga & Sex Scandals?

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There’s been a lot of discussion recently about the New York Times article about Yoga & Sex Scandals, found here. We think that Mr. Birch of “The Luminescent” offers an interesting perspective on the debate in his article. Click here to read his thoughts on the subject.

“Far from describing the practices of a sex cult, Haṭhayoga texts generally advise male yogins not to associate with women. After all, Haṭhayoga was usually practiced alone in an isolated place. Apart from the goal of liberation from worldly life, the texts frequently mention that postures and breathing exercises purify body and mind, give freedom from disease and lead to steadiness of body and mind.”


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New Arrivals: Cropped Sweaters

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Introducing two new, exciting styles to add to our Artisan collection, now available to order!

Isalo Sleeveless Super Cropped Sweater, pictured above on the left, is sleeveless and super cropped, ending around the bust line. Malaga 3/4 Sleeve Cropped Sweater, pictured above on the right, is slightly longer in length, hitting under the bust line, and has short sleeves. They are both chic and fun new additions to the Prancing Leopard Line.

Throw these hand-knit sweaters over any top to quickly change up your style. The lightweight cropped cut still lets your shirt show through, but keeps you comfortably warm.

Both pieces are available in several different colors, so be sure to stock up!

Like all the other Prancing Leopard Knit pieces, the cropped sweaters are very flexible and will give your wardrobe a new freshness with this extra layer. Your outfits will never be the same! How would you style these cropped sweaters? Tell us your ideas on Facebook!

“Diet Soda, the Silent Killer?”

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We’ve all heard that non-diet soda is harmful in many ways: too much sugar, caffeine, empty calories, leads to weight gain, tooth problems, etc. But what about diet soda? Surely diet soda, with little to no calories and a similar taste is much better for you than non-diet, right? Well, maybe not…Read the full article here.

Basically, diet soda is just artificially colored water + chemicals, including phosphoric acid and caramel color. But this gross sounding mixture may not be as harmless as was once thought, as there has been a correlation found between diet soda and heart trouble, as well as many other health problems.

For a beverage that sounds innocent and prides itself on being a “healthier” alternative, diet soda seems just as scary and unnecessary to us! We’ll be sticking to water!

Do you drink diet soda, or ANY soda, or have you given up? Does any of the information in the article surprise you? Tell us your opinions on our Facebook page, we’re curious what you all think!

“I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave”

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An interesting article in MotherJones (March/April 2012) caught our attention. A writer, Mac McClelland went undercover at Amalgamated Product Giant Shipping Worldwide Inc., which is an online retail shipping factory. In her story, she describes the business practices of the warehouse, which are pretty shocking. Read the full article here.

Naturally upon reading this article, the first instinct is to feel shocked. These people are working in inhuman conditions at a ridiculous speed, every single day. But, when you consider that everyone expects their orders to be fulfilled twice as fast for half as much money, it begins to make sense why the company is demanding this much of it’s employees. The lack of jobs, especially in the areas where these warehouses are located, also explains why there will always be people willing to do this sort of labor, no matter how intensive or wrong it might be.

It really makes you think about the human cost of free shipping… What is it worth to you? Facebook us and let us know

“Food, Inc”

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Elizabeth from Prancing Leopard here: I’m a big fan of documentaries (see the post about “Tapped” below!) When I watched “Food, Inc.”, I had no idea how much of an impact it would end up having on my life! Check out the trailer below:

As you can see from the trailer, this thought-provoking film raises a lot of questions and issues, and forces you to see things that are usually ignored or covered up. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But once I watched it for myself, I could no longer ignore what was happening or how I felt about it, so I gradually transitioned myself to a vegetarian diet.

Aside from feeling good ethically, the physical changes are great too! I’m not tired and/or hungry all the time, I’m sleeping better at night, my skin is clear, and I just feel good.

By no means am I saying that everyone should be vegetarian or change their diet any specific way, because that is a very personal choice. Nor is that what the documentary is necessarily trying to persuade you to do, however it definitely raises some interesting questions about food and the food industry. And, like the trailer says, you will never look at dinner the same way again.

Have you ever seen “Food, Inc” or any others like it? (“Food Matters” is another good one!) What is your opinion on them? What reasons do you have for being vegetarian, or not? Join in the discussion on Facebook!

New Spring Malas!

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Wow, March already?! On the 20th we will celebrate the official start of spring here at Prancing Leopard headquarters, but we’re celebrating early with 3 new mala styles! Just added today, these handmade malas are a beautiful way to kick off the new season before it arrives.

Our malas are expertly handcrafted, with gorgeous detailing and special accents such as antique tassels, sterling silver spacers, and intricate bead work. Each one has its own unique energy that you will feel as soon as you slip it on. They are perfect to add to your existing wardrobe, or as a complement to any of our new styles! You will never want to take them off. Click on the photos above to learn more!

What do you think of our new malas? Are you excited for springtime, or are you already enjoying nice weather where you live? Talk to us on Facebook.