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Safe Sunscreens for Summer

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As we begin to move into the warmer weather of spring and summer and spend more of our time outside, it’s important to remember to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. But before you go slathering on the sunscreen, you might want to first check out Environmental Working Group’s list of the Best Beach & Sport Sunscreens.

The problem with many sunscreens is that they contain chemicals that are considered to be potential hormone disruptors. Oxybenzone is the most common ingredient in non-mineral sunscreen, which can trigger allergic reactions, is a potential hormone disruptor, and penetrates the skin in relatively large amounts. Some experts even say it shouldn’t be used on children, or on large areas of skin for extended and repeated periods of time.

The best of the available sunscreen ingredients for American consumers are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Although these mineral sunscreens are more effective, it is important to avoid the nanoparticle versions of these ingredients because they can damage organs if they enter the bloodstream through the skin, lungs, or stomach. You might recognize the ingredients as those that made sunscreen thick and pasty white for the first few minutes after application but they may be worth considering again, especially with the risks associated with other non-mineral ingredients. They block harmful UV radiation without penetrating healthy skin. They also are non-allergenic, aren’t hormone disruptors, and don’t break down in sunlight.

For more information on sunscreens and other sun safety tips, check out EWG’s Skin Deep 2011 Report on Sunscreens. Then hop over to our Facebook page and tell us what sunscreen you like and how you protect yourself and your family from the sun!

Artisan Collection: Free-Toes Socks

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Free-Toes socks are a yogis favorite! Perfect for chilly studios, or when you want a little extra warmth. These 100% organic Turkish cotton socks leave the ball and heel of the foot, and (obviously) the toes free to be in contact with the ground at all times.

Keep your feet and ankles warm and stylish. Wear these socks for yoga, Pilates, meditating or even just lounging around. One reviewer describes them as being “extremely comfortable” and “figure[s] to wear them all day and into the evening”. We love this!

Now free-toes socks are available in fun, bright colors! Pick up a classic pair of natural cotton, cloud grey or ruby red, and don’t forget a pair in cheerful purple, emerald green, or rich chocolate brown to showcase your playful side.

This is truly a purchase you can feel good about: these free-toes socks, as well as all of our knit items, are carefully made by and for the benefit of underserved women artisan groups.

Beware of New Ethanol Blend

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If you drive a car older than model year 2001, this is news you’ll want to hear! The EPA approved the corn ethanol industry’s petition to increase the amount of ethanol that can be blended with gasoline, up to 15% to be used in a blend called E15. The catch is, E15 is only approved for use in cars and trucks that are newer than model year 2001. Oh, and did we mention that automakers have warned that warranties will be voided if you use E15?

This information from the Environmental Working Group shows every major automaker sending letters to Congress to show their disapproval and warning them against the problems that this new ethanol blend will cause. Even newer cars will void their warranties if they use the E15 blend and cause damage to their vehicle. From the article:

Since ethanol is more corrosive and burns hotter than gasoline, it may cause higher rates of engine stalling, misfiring and overheating. Other effects include higher nitrous oxide and formaldehyde emissions, lower gas mileage and damaging fuel tanks and pumps.

While many gas refiners have expressed that they will not be selling E15 anytime in the foreseeable future, many more are still out there. And while gasoline stations must label the E15 ethanol blend, labeling for any other blend is voluntary.

What do you think about the EPA’s decision and the new E15 blend? Have you seen any E15 labels at your gas pump? Chat with us on Facebook and let us know!

Core Collection: Cantabria Capris/Shorts

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Another unisex piece that works beautifully on both men and women. Like our Istanbul pants, the Cantabria’s have a figure-flattering, roomy leg design and can be worn high or low on the waist, depending on personal preference as well as the activity. The waistband gently holds you without squeezing and two side pockets add practicality. Our signature asymmetric seam detailing adds style. Soft and cozy, moisture-wicking stretch organic Zeugma cotton make these a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Cantabria’s are men’s favorite shorts for any activity. For women the Cantabria’s are long enough to be worn as capris or long shorts, falling around mid-calf. No restrictions in movement, no pinching, no unflattering bumps. Fresh and modern casual short can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Perfect for yoga and fitness, but also wonderful to wear on the beach or all day long!

“Real Great Pacific Garbage Patch”

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Another great environmental video, this time discussing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is an area of marine litter located in the Central & North Pacific Ocean. It formed because of marine pollution and was carried to this location by the ocean current. Watch the video below to learn more:

It may be easier to ignore this problem because we can’t see it, or the effects of it, everyday. The students bring up some great points and offer some solutions to this extreme problem, including converting the waste into energy, rather than letting it decompose in landfills, or in this case an ocean-fill.

What are your thoughts about the video? What else can we be doing? Have you ever heard of the Garbage Patch before? Chat with us on Facebook!

Clothing for Your Little Leopard

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Organic kid-friendly clothing, and just added to our outlet section! Little Leopard Tops and Pants are made to fit a variety of body types and are durable enough to stand up to the everyday wear and tear that children put their clothing through.

The same organic cotton, asymmetric detailing and soft coziness you love in the rest of our line has been included in our Little Leopard tops and pants, which makes these kid favorites! Great for school, play dates, and everything in between.

The Prancing Leopard Logo symbolizes our commitment to a better world for future generations. Plus you can feel good knowing there are no harsh chemicals or residues on your children’s skin.

Tell us on Facebook, do you buy organic clothing for your kids? What other details in children’s clothing do you look for?

Plastic Bags: “The Harsh Facts”

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A very moving video we stumbled upon that discusses the harsh facts surrounding plastic bag usage and the impact on our world. Take a look:

This is another example of the ways in which something so seemingly innocent, that was supposed to make our lives easier, has instead become a major pollutant and a problem that we must now address.

Tell us your thoughts on the video on Facebook. Do you still use plastic bags or have you switched to a reusable canvas bag? What else can we do to eliminate this problem?

Core Collection: Istanbul Pants

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These pants are the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, and style. Plus, they are perfect for both men AND women!

Great to pair with all Prancing Leopard tops, any time of year (including the Cape Byron top for men).

Istanbul pants can be worn high or low on the waist. The wide waistband provides a gentle hold, while pockets add practicality. Figure-flattering design plus multiple seams and detailing make these pants irresistible to both sexes.

Available in Charcoal Black and limited quantities of Cloud Grey

Stop [Plastic] Motion

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A very interesting stop-motion animation about plastic pollution and it’s impact. Watch below:

The Surfrider Foundation‘s mission is the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves, and beaches through a powerful activist network. They are involved in a program called “Rise Above Plastics”, which encourages people to help protect the coast by raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and advocating for a reduction of single-use plastics, as well as recycling of all plastics.

Even though there are no words in the video, the message is clear. Plastic is all around us, its everywhere in our lives, and what seemed like a good thing at first, a modern convenience, has quickly become a global problem.

What are your thoughts about the video? How are you cutting down or eliminating your plastic usage? Connect with us on Facebook and tell us your ideas, tips and tricks!

Core Collection: Cape Byron Top

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The perfect t-shirt for men! The Cape Byron has all the expected softness and comfort of a regular t-shirt but with extra style. Four-way stretch jersey and extra length ensures that this top looks good on a wide variety of body types.

This top is so comfortable and versatile, it will be your go-to t-shirt! Great for yoga, as seen above, but works great off the mat as well.

Available in classic White, Grey or Black, as well as fun colors such as Lilac, Turquoise, and Pear Green.

What other men’s items would you like to see from Prancing Leopard? Let us know on Facebook!