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FDA Rejects Ban on BPA

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Nearly all plastic containers these days seem to be marketed as “BPA-free”. These labels are supposed to provide a sense of relief that the nasty chemical Bisphenol A is not present in that particular piece of plastic. However, BPA is also very heavily used in the lining of cans in both the food and beverage industry.

The Natural Resources Defense Council recently petitioned to ban BPA because of the harm it does, even in small doses. Here’s an excerpt from the Mother Jones article discussing the effects of BPA:

BPA is what is known as an endocrine disruptor, meaning that it has a range of effects on human development even at minute doses. Friday’s decision comes less than a month after the release of a major study of endocrine disruptors by a range of scientists, including some from the US Department of Health and Human Services, who found “strong evidence” that BPA negatively affects the prostate at low doses and “undisputed evidence” that it does so for mammary glands.

The FDA’s own research even shows that the chemical leaches from can linings into food, however, they still rejected the ban and upheld their approval of BPA.

While many will speculate about the reasons the FDA has for rejecting the ban, the fact remains that BPA is still a legal chemical and will continue to show up in many different places unless we actively avoid it and seek out alternatives.

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