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FDA’s New Rules on Factory Farm Antibiotics

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Last week, the FDA rejected the ban on BPA. This week, the FDA has announced it’s new rules for antibiotic use on factory farms.

Antibiotics are used for three purposes: promoting growth, disease prevention, and disease treatment. While they have recognized that antibiotics are widely overused, they have decided to make it voluntary for antibiotics to be used for production purposes, such as growth enhancement or improving feed efficiency. The other two uses are still intact. From the MotherJones article:

So the FDA is stating its intention to phase out the first use and leave the other two intact. But preserving the second use, prevention, leaves a gaping loophole. First of all, how can anyone distinguish giving animals small daily doses of antibiotics to prevent disease from giving them small daily doses to promote growth? The industry can simply claim it’s using antibiotics preventively and go on about its business—continuing to reap the benefits of growth promotion and continuing to menace public health by breeding resistance.

As with the FDA decision on BPA, this recent action has again showed that the FDA may recognize problems in our food industry, but then fails to take the measures to correct them.

What do you think about the FDA’s most recent decision about antibiotics? Does it affect you? Does this give you another reason to continue to buy organic/continue to not consume animal products? Connect with us on Facebook and tell us your thoughts